Thriller. The daughter of a Bank CEO falls in love with a modern-day Robin Hood who wants to kill her father.

MELISSA is in danger. Iraq veteran ADAM is hunting her.

She is the daughter of SIR DAVID PALMER, the CEO of the City International Bank – the bank Adam is determined to punish for the bankruptcy and death of his father.

Adam kidnaps her - but finds she is not what he imagined. A 19 year-old crack addict, Melissa blames her father for her mother’s suicide.

She wants to help Adam fight her father.

He gets her off drugs and shows her how to take control for the first time since her mother’s death – but in so doing he has a power over her she cannot fail to obey.

Together they take on the bank on the streets of London, making fools of the bankers as they rob them and give the proceeds away to the poor.

However this is not enough – Melissa wants the world to hate her father like she does. She convinces Adam that they can scare everyone – start a run on the bank – they can kill it – bankrupt it – wipe it out.

Taking on the mantle of Robin Hood they show the world that the bank is not too big to fail – everyone has the power to destroy it.

Blinded by their fury and driven by their love for each other, Melissa and Adam spiral out of control.

The bank collapses – but whilst Melissa is horrified by the wave of vigilante violence they have inspired, all Adam can see is that the board are getting huge payoffs.

He cannot let them get away with it.

Melissa is powerless as she witnesses him murdering one of her father’s colleagues. She knows she cannot let the anarchy continue – she knows she cannot do anything to stop him.

But as Adam hunts her father down through the bonfire night celebrations, she finally accepts she can. Stepping in front of Adam’s gun, she saves her father’s life. Adam cannot shoot her – he runs, and pays for his actions when the police shoot him dead.

Finally, Melissa has an understanding of the effect she can have on the world – and control of her own actions.